I was wondering how easy would it be to put referendums into the game?

I am unsure with other countries but in the U.K. referendums have/could have had a huge effect of the country. We had a referendum on changing the voting system (maybe we could have a referendum in the game to activate compulsory voting?), Brexit is obviously the major one (maybe we could have a referendum on rejoining the EU, or other countries on leaving the EU).

So maybe polices which require more political capital than you can currently achieve, you can trigger a referendum. For example sometimes I want to implement the CO2 tax but the amount of political capital required I cannot get as my limit is lower.

It would require a speech like choice to convince people to vote similar to a general election, then to have a voting screen like a general election.

If it passes then you get the policy, if you fail it could knock down your popularity.

Would this be possible? Or possible to mod?


@cliffski, do you think this is a good idea to implement? :smiley:

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oooh interesting. will give it some thought.