Reflecting Beam Lasers

I just uploaded a vid to show how this looks right now (for when they can’t get through the shields)

nice effect! Does the splash back do damage directly to say fighters, for that matter do your own lasers do damage to friendly craft. I like the explosive shockwave… was awesome!

along with shockwaves have you thought whether they will do damage maybe to smaller ships or even have hulks collide.



No, at the moment the plan is to not have collisions. effectively shops can just fly above or below each other. Its also not possible to accidentally hit your own ships, that would involve a ton of fiddly and slow calculating of when to fire in order for your own gunners not to appear too rubbish :smiley:

Thats cool, the videos do show ships passing, I suppose you have to take the consideration of good piloting in there!

Would be cool to commita 5% chance of a kamikazi damaged ship ramming another though lol.


I like the reflecting beam effect. Really snazzy. :slight_smile: Also has this ‘epic’ feeling too, just like those massive battles from the past. The nail-biting tension as you see shields collapsing under the strain, explosions and cutting beams, … Oh, this game is gonna be awesome.

Looks really nice. I’m wondering what it would look like if you randomly changed the angle of the reflection every frame, and maybe having multiple smaller reflections instead of one big one. Might look pretty cool if you have any different types of beam weapons and you want to distinguish between them.

Agreed in full. Very cool visuals! To me, that reflection dazzle is a space-borne analogue of the ineffective British fire of their few workable 6-inch guns against the German ships at the Battle of Coronel, 1914. Yes, I know that’s an obscure reference. But an accurate one. :slight_smile: (Dammit Jim, I’m not a doctor, I’m a history geek!)