Refresh Problems

A few months ago when I bought the full Windows version of the game, I couldn’t receive updates (avatars, etc.) on the update screen in the game. I would press refresh and the screen would freeze and the game would close (other people were also having this problem). I read the forums and got some advice but nothing helped and I sort of gave up. Last month or so I was on the site again and downloaded the newest patches, and all of a sudden I could press refresh and get updates. Today, however, I tried to get updates after a few weeks of not being on the game, and when I pressed refresh the screen again froze. Unlike before, the game didn’t close and Ctrl+Alt+Delete has no effect, and in order to do anything on the computer I have to restart it. I’ve checked my firewalls, etc. and everything says it should be allowing Kudos.exe. No settings have been changed so it’s really weird that it wasn’t working, then it was, and now it isn’t again. Any more ideas??

Nothing has changed in the code for the internet updates, it sounds like an ISp or PC issue. Normally if people have crashes or hangs when clicking the internet refresh button, its firewall related. Maybe you need to uninstall and reinstall your firewall?

I already turned off my firewall completely.

does this still happen in windowed mode?