I have bought the Dem 4 alpha but upon buying it i am not able to download it is there anyway i could possibly reciever a refund? Thank you.

Could be in spam/deal or other sections in your email.

Lost Download Links
If you have lost your email with the game download link in it, do not worry. You may be able to find it by searching your old email for ‘BMTMicro’ which is the payment company we use. If this does not work, just email us at this address explaining you have lost your download link. It helps us a lot if you can do this from the email address you used to buy the game, and include any other email addresses you may have used if you are unsure. It also helps us if you have your Name and/or address in there to help us locate your order. If you have the link email, but it has expired, please also contact us, and include the original email.