Regarding Labour Day

I usually cancel this early in any country which has it due to the budget situation in any country at launch, I just can’t afford any hit to GDP.

That said, I think the strength is over rated, and it shouldn’t have a direct hit to GDP. The hit should be to productivity, as it is a paid day of work for no work, and the value should be between 0.4% and 0.5%. My math on that is 52 weeks per year x 5 work days per week minus however many vacation days people are getting, which will vary by country and individual. 0.4 would represent a 250 day work year and 0.5 would represent 200 work days per year.

Yeah, it ought to marginally affect the Working Week simulation, which already feeds into how Productivity is calculated. The policy skips those jumps by hitting GDP right away. Though by that logic it ought to also affect unemployment, because you’re mandating that people get days off for which employers needn’t require anything of them.

Even then, the game has no functional reason to give people these days off. I’d argue it could affect the Everyone voter group, the compassionate perception, or apply a small bump against all strike situations, but I don’t know if we’ll see that. It’s certainly a net-negative policy at the moment.