Regarding media sunts

It’s a little odd that in the current system it takes the same political capital to have a media stunt as to make policy. They aren’t done during times when the parliament is meant to be in session, and the fact that the PM is doing something silly in front of a camera doesn’t disrupt the civil service. It really ought to be separate from the rest of the game. Additionally, it should be something the player has to do periodically or else be seen as “out of touch” because the public haven’t heard from the PM recently. This would force the player to take political risks. I’d say 1 stunt every year, so 4 turns, to fight off any “out of touch” penalty would be reasonable.

I also have a few suggestions for new media stunts to be added to the game:

Talk about your hobbies: stephen harper: netflix tax - YouTube

Make clever use of your own name: (The only copy I could find of the example I’m thinking of is at 3:53 of this video) Canadian Election: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
Second example of this one, if you Google Image search “Ted Cruz Trusted” you see what “clever” thing an American politician tried to do with his own name.

Photobomb a prom party: No, Trudeau didn't photobomb those prom kids -

Arrive at a press conference on a jet ski: One-liners float in wake of Day's stunt - The Globe and Mail

Try to use a younger generation’s lingo: "If you were woke, you'd know that pro rep is lit" -John Horgan - YouTube

I’d love it if others could come up with some other suggestions of “good ideas” politicians have had over the years.


I was just thinking of this two days ago lol. I find that media stunts are a part of electioneering that I place almost no stock in. I’m making pledges and giving speeches every media cycle, but I think I can count all the times I’ve done a media stunt or two on one hand.

I agree with making them more important somehow; that’s the part I was getting stuck on. They should be cheaper so I can do them more often if need be, but that just makes the game easier in I way I don’t think is warranted at this time. There has to be some kind of penalty to not doing them; I’m just not sure what that is. The first idea I had was that your perceptions naturally degrade over time so that you have to keep on top of it. I suppose it’s the same idea as your “Out-of-Touch” modifier, or near enough to it. I’m not sure that’s necessarily the best solution; it’s the first, and currently only one that comes to mind tho.

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