Registering fails

When I’m trying to register the sw, I’m getting the following error the moment I click “Submit code”:
SIM_SERVER: Failed to open script response:…\src\SIM_Server.cpp 163

Version is Beta 1.10.

It could be:

  1. You are not online
  2. A firewall is blocking the game
  3. Some internet ecurity product or corporate web filtering at work/school is blocking the game.
  1. I’m online, as You can see… :slight_smile:
  2. No SW firewall, I’d have to check the settings of the ADSL box - which holes do I need open?
  3. No such luck, I’m at home - but see nr 2.

Thanks for the quick reply.

if the box supports it, just activate the DMZ mode for your local IP. then register, then turn off dmz.

Another possibility is that the game IS registering and the game just cant open one of the files that comes back from the server. That would be an obscure file permissions issue, possibly you are logged in as a limited user account and MyDocuments has been relocated somewhere else?
(its much more likely to be firewall related)
This may help
Its a handy little utility that tells you what internet connections your pc is making, and where to. It might indicate what is going on. It’s also very handy for spotting malware

Not sure how GSB handles it, but some applications (like Xfire) don’t like when user name has non-standard characters such as “ł, ą, ć, ż, ź” and therefore have problems with accessing My Documents, as they just ignore those chars.

Fixed now. See here: IE proxy settings…