Registration Code?


I bought this game on Impulse a couple of days ago. I didn’t realise it was still in beta to be honest but I’ve had my £12 of entertainment already so that’s fine :slight_smile:

It’s great fun but does have a few BSD crash and balance issues.
On an initial look the frigs seem underpowered in general to me and the only fighter that seems worth building is the double rocket one. Also the hulls seem a bit unbalanced - there is usually clearly a best one in each category…

When I try to go to multiplayer it asks me for a registration code but I don’t have one as I bought on impulse. Any idea how to get one?


There should definitely be one awarded to you by impulse when you bought it. If you can’t find it, bug them, because they have definitely been given them (and I’ve seen some used, so it does seem to be working).

its in this format:


Open Impulse, go to your game list and then right click on GSB and select view registration.
Note you cannot use copy and paste in gsb and it wont let you write the “-”. The game will add them afterwards.

OK thanx - I didn’t realise you could view the code by rt clicking inside Impulse. Doh!

The codes worked but my Kasperky got very upset as you can see below.

I’m not going to risk installing a keylogger until I’m sure this is a false +ve.

Any comments anyone?