Registration Error

Alright, I bought GSB a while back through Positech Games after seeing a some game play. The only thing I said was missing was a Galactic Empire setting, so when the Conquest Expansion came out, I picked it up. Now I can’t seem to get it to work with GSB, I tried to use the “Online” option in GSB, I enter my reg code and selected name. and I get a error, saying that SIM Server can not find my Name or Regi Code and then crash’s. The version I am running is FULL 1.23. So I look at the help above to update the game, the above docs state that I should download the latest version with my codes and password from BMT Micro, The password expired on November 5,2010.

So How do I upgrade the game to the latest version?

I’ll send you a new download link

Thank you I will give that a try.