Regulatory Connections - OP

I thought it’d be interesting to try to make a Sugar Pill that had four of the worst side effects in the game. As you can see from the screenshot, it wasn’t pleasant. And as you can also see, it was taken just before the ingredient gets put into a Hadron Collider (max strength on everything) and made into an Injection (double strength). So it was tripple plus ungood.

The thing is, I had maxed out Regulatory Connections and it had a cure rating of B! I mean, it wasn’t making any money so the rating was irrelevant toward that, but how could basically a poison get a cure rating of B no matter how many politicians I bribe? O.o

I should have gotten a fine, or a prison sentence instead of a B. ^^ So yeah, I just think Regulatory Connections might be a bit too powerful. I mean, I could have used this poison on a B or better mission and still won.

That’s pretty funny. Must be some pretty good reg. connections.

Curious as to why you wrote “four of the worst side effects in the game”… just based on the names/effect (memory loss, nightmares, anxiety, paralysis)?
Or is there something that shows some effects having bigger effect on Drug rating than others?

there is info in a file that shows ‘level’ of effects, with 5 being the highest, but I think that relates to which catalysts they can contain.
But maybe not, so maybe the ‘worst’ 4 would be: paralysis, carcinogen, blackout, and memory loss?

// Side effects - level 4
{"code":"memoryloss","text":"Causes Memory Loss"},
{"code":"blackouts","text":"Causes Blackouts"},

// Side effects - level 5
{"code":"paralysis","text":"Permanent Paralysis"},

Hmm, how long did you leave it? Sure it would be a B straight away but after a while the side-effect should drag the rating down. Are you saying it was B after selling at least 200 drugs?

I actually wasn’t sure long I let it sell for, so I decided to try again and document it better this time.

I just did virtually the same thing, though this time my game didn’t give me a Memory Loss side effect, so I replaced it with Hallucinations.

I let it sell over 300 times and every single side-effect got a rating of F (nightmares was last to turn to F at 300 sold), yet the Regulatory Connections was giving it a rating of S+. So that means last time I probably didn’t sell that many. I watched it this time and it started at C and slowly went up in rating, not down.

Here are some more screenshots.

Why can’t I edit my post? I don’t like double-posting. :frowning:

Anyway… Just wanted to add that I’ve left the game running for a while now and it’s sold over 1,000 with ~600 cases on all of the side effects and it’s still S+.

Just to compare, I made a Cancer Vaccine with 3 side effects (Blackouts, Fits and Paralysis - nasty combo), it’s collided and syringed again and it’s at over 200 units sold now. The Cancer Vaccine is an S rating, and all the side effects are F, and its overall value is a flop at F, even with Regulatory Connections. As you said, it started out at around B-C and plummeted to F almost immediately.

So it seems that Regulatory Connections is only confused for things with no positive effects. Hope that helps narrow it down a little.

Ah that makes more sense. This is indeed a bug. I can’t remember exactly how I coded it but it’s definitely something to do with the fact that there are no positive effects. I will try to hunt it down and make it so that it is more balanced.