Rejoice Federation, for today we release . . . .

Rejoice Federation, for today we release the Corvette class fighter, complete with its own power generator, armor, shielding, Nanorepair system and because this is bigger than a fighter, yet smaller than a frigate. You must have a crew modular, a place for your hero’s to rest when not attending there duties.

Hello in this release I bring to you. . .
Federation Silver Corvette: I re-sized upgraded Leopard fighter, 4 hardpoints, and 6 standard slots.
Corvette crew module, holds 14 crew and one pilot. (its set at 15 for upgraded corvette weapons, soon™ to be out)
Corvette Armor module, Gota have armor to help soak up incoming fire.
Corvette engine module, Without this baby you would be sitting still with a fighter engine, so massive that you need a crew member to make work.
Corvette shield module, basically a stripped down Frigate unit, due to the controls and special adjustments in battle you need two crewmen to equip.
Corvette reflective shield module, see above, and adjust for same named frigate unit.
Corvette Nanorepair module, Basically a reduced version of the frigate nanorepair unit, you need two crew to program the repair droids.
Corvette Power Generator module, Gotta have something to power all Your new toys. Here is it 2 crew needed to equip this module.

That means some may be overpowering, if they are overpowering just post the module name, and how it is overpowering. Please no “Corvette is to overpowered” They are meant to be s l o w, and soak up the damage. But are limited to fighter weapons. Though I would like a NEW class to be tossed in there as a Corvette but I’m not sure how much code will need to be changed to add both Corvettes and Destroyers, I’m looking into this class. Re-sized frigates with hull, armor, shield, and power boosts to carry more frigate weapons.

Here you are the link to my files,

Do you want a sprite for this?

Im in the prossecs of making one for a corvette if ya want it

and a Note, You shouldnt name it ‘silver’ as there is a name trend in each race, the federation seem to use animal names. just some nitpicking

If you don’t want to use the original sprites you can use the ones Eich made. For now, not many mods used them. Or use the one Jake is offering you, it’s better having each new hull with a new sprite :smiley:

Also…, Jake is right. There are trends for each race when it comes to naming the ships, but it’s your mod, you can call them whatever you want :wink:
In case you want to follow those trends they are:

  • Federation: Mammals & birds.
  • Rebels: Names from Norse & Greek mythologies.
  • Alliance: Insects, reptiles & fish.
  • Empire: Names from the ancient Roman Empire.
  • Tribe: Ideals or other names related to positive things (sorry if this explanation isn’t all that clear, you’d better have a look at their names to know exactly what I mean).
  • Order: Names related to religions in general (temple, priest and similars).
  • Swarm: Gods from Egyptian mythology (there are so many of them that I think the race can still be extended with more hulls lol).

Btw, I’ll have a look at those modules when I finish some stuff I’m doing. I’m also making corvettes for my mod and already added a bunch of modules for the federation corvettes. Just to see how they handle a battle against yours :smiley:

well It was ment to be “sliver” likt he creatures from Magic the Gathering I musta mispelt it and never changed it lol. I looked at the files and they look like to me to be great frigates, cruisers and super cruisers but none screamed out covette to me, and besides i do like th elook of the leopard fighter.

I’m also working on a Supereagle cruiser, and well its realy super lol. But it needs to be tweeked hard core as just one pair made 412k in the survial mode. so I think that and then super star destroyer mod weapons are a little op. I’ll have to go in and hand remove that mods files and retest it with the villnaila modules. And Yes yes If you have corvette gear alreayd Test mine out, and yours at the same time.

Look for a ALL corvette challage of my name within the next day and test out your corvtte’s against mine. You will STILL have to download my corvette files but it will be worth it.

P.S. If you have already downloaded the files please change the name to “SLIVER” instead of silver. Thanks.

Ok heres mine: just go to the page and download the Attachment

10 turrets, and 9 standard?? Are you crasy thats more than some firgates.

But I will test it out and see what it look like. Maybe with the standard fighter gear it is not so over powered.
Do you also use custom modules for it too or just the overweling number of gear you can put on there?

na, im just using some modified rockets (smoke trail effect 2x power requirements), lasers with half the power requirements and torpedoes with 2 power requirement. as well as some basic bombs (50range, 25 damage 50Armor piece and shield, the AI is not Trigger happy enough though)

also iv’ed modded all the fighters to have more hard points as well as the other ships to have more realism (the leopard has 2 sets of rockets and cant use them?, the Hawk has massive power things and they do nothing) and those blue things are what i use for Targeters and anti-rocket things

Ah i got it, This is how i have my ships set up

Fighters 1 or 2 turrets 2 to 4 standard.
Corvettes 4 turrets 6 standard No boosts.
Frigates 4 to 5 turrets and 5 to 6 standard.
Destroyers 6 turretes and 9 standard 100% boost on hull, armor, shilelds, and power but still uses frigate items.
Cruisers 6, 7, and 8 turrets and 7, 10, and 11 standard.
Super cruiser 11 turrets and 12 standard 100% boost on hull armor, shields and power, but still uses cruiser items.

I thin kthe boosts to the hull, armor, shileds and power are goo over making new weapons and such. But I would like to get some larger crew modules for the destryoer and super cruisers I’m thinking about them and I’ve been tweaking around a frigate and cruiser anti-fighter laser that is quick fireing, longer ranged, but only does a little damage at a time.

hey jsut a quick post, ive been tinkering and may realse my new Gunboat and corvette on monday

Ohhh gunboat, sounds fun, And yea your wolvern corvette will is realt overpowerep in the normal set. Just 2 full squads can last till about 250k in the survival round campain thingy.

I’ve also thought about releaseing the Deystroyers and Super cruisers, as with a release of my corvette but the corvette will use frigate weapons, and the destroyer use cruiser weapons, and the super cruiser will stay as a cruiser.

ok, ive got my new versions up with the modules i use, new file is called Corvette And Gunboat. the Corvette being the Wolverine and the Gunboat being the Hedgehog

and i have to thank Eich for the Gunboat Sprite, just modded it a bit

Hey all, I’m just letting you know I WILL be redoing this ship class to maybe bring it more ballanced with the game.

PLEASE NOTE: This is being ballanced to the non-expasion game as I do not have any of the expasions.