Religion and Motorist tweak?

After playing about 6 different countries I notice some things I always do in every situation:
Eliminate Religion as rapidly as I can
Eliminate the entire motorist demographic because Commuters produces less CO2 emissions and it’s easier to please only Commuters rather than two groups

It seems game-wise there’s little to no benefit of keeping the religious demographic. Religion only makes it more difficult to budge on crime issues and contributes to technological backwater. They are also far too easy to eliminate, teach only evolution/pump up state education and the nation suddenly becomes devoid of organized religion within a matter of 1-2 years? I wish the religious group was more like conservatives/liberals, a demographic group that fluctuates in membership but contains a core group of hardcore supporters which cannot be convinced to give up their ideals and beliefs (just like in real life). Although I understand it is a game, it would offer a more challenging gaming experience to have a religious group I actually had to consider at times rather than a group I can wipe out completely after one term.

I say the same for motorists. Despite pro-motorists policy to increase GDP, the pollution effect resulting from motorists policies completely negate the good that comes from having a car-driving nation. Either the game should provide more incentive for me to keep these car-lovers around or make it more difficult to eliminate their existence.

In general I think this is a bit of a game imbalance. I also think the game is a tad bit biased against religion and cars.