Religious group overpowered?

Just wondering if anyone else feels that the catering to the Religious group makes this game too easy. I’ve only been playing for 2 days now but was quick to pick up on the fact that the Religious group is very easy to grow in numbers so even if a nation has only 1% in this group it can quickly grow to 95% or more as long as all policies are in favor of this group. Generally when I start a game now I shift all policies in favor of the religious, then focus on economy, and then important issues. After winning the first election by a usually slim margin I am then almost handed victory after that point since the Religious group just keeps skyrocketing in growth and support for me. Once they max out I’m generally able to win elections regardless of my policies.

I’m not sure if any other group grows like this one or not but in my opinion is throws the game out of balance and makes it unrealistic. One thing that would help a lot is if the Liberals, who generally hate seeing the Religious being favored, would actually pose a threat to the life of the president like the Patriots or Religious would if they were getting ignored.

Thanks for the fedback. It is possibly a problem that the religious people (and socialists and greens) will try and kill you but the liberals will not. I’m not really sure what it is then stops governments really oppressing liberals in the real world, possibly the case that they fund a lot of politicians, or make up a large enough chunk of the population that they are hard to ignore. It’s this sort of issue that should be handled more subtly in the next version of the game.