Reminds me of an old game...

that I used to play.

I stumbled upon GSB from HumbleBundle and was immediately thrown back 10 years into the past when I played an extremely similar game, the name of which has unfortunately escaped me. Surely someone else knows what I’m waffling on about, the game:

  • had a space battlefield with the blue fleet (yours) against the red fleet (AI)
  • had different types of ship but the large ones e.g. frigates were just blue/red diamond outlines whereas the smaller ships e.g. hornets were actually detailed ships
  • had a map editor
    and the big thing about it (and the big different between it and GSB) is that you actually controlled one of the allied ships as opposed to just watching the battle unfold.

Hopefully there’s an answer out there or else I’m going to go insane looking through all the Google image search results for “space battles” for proof of its existence.

In any case, I’ll give GSB a go just to see if it has the same feel.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of Ares, released by Ambrosia Software? It was released (and re-released) around that time: (this is an in-progress porting of the source code)

I go back further than that. In the 1980s, I used to play a space RPG called Traveller in its original form. Anyway, one of the little expansion booklets they released after a while was called “Billion Credit Squadron”. It was a set of rules for designing spacecraft using and then fighting epic 1-off battles with them (the billion credit budget) or whole campaigns (the trillion credit budget). It was fun but you had to set up your own spreadsheet to do the math when designing the ships, and then it took all day of rolling dice to fight the battle ;). Anyway, GSB is like BCS only way more accessible and visually appealing :wink: