Removal of the siren FX in the QA slot

Hiya Cliffski, Loving the game but having a challenge with it.
I ( as do many others) have Subjective Tinnitus. This is a persistent ringing (or buzzing) in the ears.(Not your fault, but its important).

Now I love the game, and love the new sound effects, but the sirens drive me and my auditory channels into a frenzy. Sirens are meant to do this by the nature of their design, but sadly for people with this ailment it is very, very distracting.

Yes, before anyone says so, I can mute the SFX but then I am cut out from hearing my factory.

So how about it Cliffski, just a small change for the few million of us who already have a siren running 24/7 in our heads?

Sounds to me (no pun intended) this could be done by a mod now modding is added to the game. All you would need are replacement sound files (Fit Horn is probably equally bad) and pointing the tasks to the new sound file.

I suspect just deleting the offending sound effect will have no side effects.

Thank you Cliffski.

Anyway we could replace files like this with a mod?