Remove shield module HP

I can’t be the only one who wants to strangle virtual repair crews for repairing shields that do nothing. There is a negative consequence, but it’s a small price.

Pro: No more wasted supplies
Con: Less hull HP

Cliffski could change the repair AI, but this is quicker, and the effect is immediately visible.

Removing the shield module hp will only reduce your ships hit points and something else must be giving a heath boost to compensate for the lost hp. Its a great idea, but i think it might do a little more harm than help.

Concurred. But still, i rate this as 8/10.

Disagree. Non Tribe does not need another HP penalty. And you shouldn’t have repair modules on a ship without high armor in the first place…

Though if this HP penalty is compensated by an increase in shield strength, i can live with that.

What qualifies as high armor? More than 20? 30? I can’t be the only one who watches a shield module go down, armor take hits, then the shield modules take hits and waste the supplies. They aren’t providing anything other than hull HP when broken. At least weapons/defenses/engines still work after the shields fail.

I made an Augmented Defenses Mod because I was sick of how weak armor was. I wanted to mod it into a serious defense that can rival or augment shields. In the core game, armor is a joke.

Above 70. In this environment you are repairing the critical damage only, giving your ship damage immunity for an extended period of time.

Damage is distributed among all modules on your ships. So shield without HP means another module will need to take that damage. Your repair will still have to work just as hard to repair the same among of damage takes (which is now taken by your useful modules), plus now your ship have less total HP.

Why is repair bad without armor? Just look at the amount of supply it uses before it gets kill. It use up half it’s supply on average? That’s only like 250 HP. You better off with another shield in most cases. It has base absorption (already over 250), it has resistance, and it even have unlimited regeneration.

Just make repair modules NOT repair shields.

OR (and I think better yet)

Repair modules can “reboot” shields!!!

Heck why now a NEW module call . . . Sheild Battery!

How it would work is simple, it holds X amount of shield hitpoints when the shields drop. There is a few moments were the battery is wired into the shield powergrid and poof your shields come back up to X hitpoints. This module will only work once and if you have more than one per ship they do not stack and cancel each other out!!!

HOWEVER, I feel that this level of programing simly is not in the current programing and may need many hours of rewriteing the code to make work. OR it can be used like an armor repair but only before shielding but that too I feel there in no code in place To make shield repair modules, or in this case a shield booster module.

Lone Starr

I always let out a sad sigh after seeing my shield drop…I’m tired of it becoming useless…