Removing Modules and ships from standard game?

Hi all,

First time caller long time player. I have always wanted to change the mechanics of this game a bit. Generally I like slower ships slower weapons less shots and so on. I learned how to change the data sheets a little, but how can I remove modules and hulls from the game. I want less options.And how would I duplicate an existing, for example , say I want three blaster type lasers and three beam lasers for cruisers. Right now there are 5 beams and two blasters. How can I change that without crashing the game. Can I remove sceneroes that need those items? any help would be great.

I would make some new scenarios if you want ones that don’t use the modules. You’ll have to delete the scenarios that use the modules if you want them gone because you’ll have to delete them from the data file.

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Well you have come to the right place :slight_smile:

First of, if you are looking for less weapons rather than more - word of advice:
Stay away from the Uni-T Mod !

Second - since you want to restrict the vanilla modules, just remember you might have problems with any mods you add afterwards.

Now to the modding itself,
Have a look in your \Gratuitous Space Battles\data\modules\directory and select the “cruiser_alliance_beamlaser.txt”

In there you will see a line that looks like this
restricted = “alliance”

As you have already guessed this restricts the weapon to the Alliance race. Now what we need to do is change that to something like this
restricted = “noone”

So, it follows that the only race that can now use this weapon is Noone :slight_smile:
Rinse repeat for every module you wish to remove . .
(Suggestion: Using a bulk text editor makes light work of this task)

Good luck and have fun
(Long time modder)

::Edit:: Please note that this method will not work in v1.61 onwards

Thanks, I figured that was probably needed. After I delete all them I will need to write new ones to play. And there seems to be a lot info here for that. cheers.

Thanks to you also Darkstar. Gives me some more ideas. You can really create a whole new version of the game with just a little work, very cool.

No Problem

Quick FYI - The reason why i suggested that method is because you should not have to delete the scenarios even when you restrict every module to “noone” (or “disabled” or “Offline” or anything else you choose)

Oh, ok. So if I get this right I can disable all the old ones and then make new ones with the same graphics and modified stats? And the original scenarios would just have hulls with no modules?

Not quite - If you go through and restrict every module & weapon to “Noone” then when you go to play one of the scenario that came with the game, the opposing faction will still be using the same weapons. However when you try and design a ship the only items you will see are the ones you designed.

::Edit:: This method will not work with v1.61

yup, figured that out. but it is perfect now (with the “noone” markup) because I can build completely new rules inside the gsb world. very cool.

Is it difficult to increase the visual size of fighters. I would like them to be a little bigger and act as gunboats and do away with fighters?

I searched but didn’t find anything useful.

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Even though i said Stay away from the Uni-T Mod (mainly due to the sheer number of modules for that one race)
You will see that I have increased the size on some fighters to make “corvettes” (and added in a few more weapon/module slots)

So to repeat this all you need to do is open the Hull configuration file and change the width and height.
Using Federation Leopard Fighter.txt as an example

classname = fighter
name = Federation Leopard Fighter
guiname = Federation Leopard Fighter Hull
sprite = Federation Leopard
damagetexture = Federation Leopard
hulktexture =
hulkUVstart = 8
hulkUVend = 11
width = 22 <----- I have changed this number
height = 22 <----- And this one as well to make it larger
powerproduced = 3
cost = 35
racename = federation

I did try that but no result on the game, but I get the idea.I probably forgot something easy because it was late. Just knowing its possible is enough. Thanks again