Renaming people?

Is it possible to rename people in Kudos 2?
If the answer is no, that really strikes me as odd.

Hi DeSangre

Your question is ambiguous, but I’ll see if I can answer it. Before altering any files be sure to create a backup.

  1. You want to change a character’s name at the beginning of the game:
    You can do this when you start a new game.

  2. You want to change an existing character’s name in a saved game:
    i. Find your saved game file (C:\users[user name]\my games\Kudos 2\savegames)
    ii. Open the appropriate savegame .xml file in Notepad.
    iii. Look for “”. 0 is your character. Other numbers correspond to other characters identified by the “forename” and “surname” rows. You can change those character names here.

  3. You want to change the names available for use by the game:
    i. Find your Kudos 2 directory and navigate to “Kudos 2\data\simulation”
    ii. Open and alter any of the following: “femaleforenames.csv”, “maleforenames.csv”, “surnames.csv” or “townnames.csv”
    I have already made a substantial mod for this (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2157).

Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question :slight_smile:

Wayno, sick with The Plague

EDIT: I will try everything you said :smiley: and then come back with a sensible answer