Renaming ships suggestions

Gratuitous names are all well and good, but what if I’m in the mood to talk to myself? I can’t very well say “This is the ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Way, Way Up High:’ Our shields are down.” every time, can I? I propose some sort of mass renaming scheme for the deployment screen. When you select a bunch of ships, you should be allowed to choose a category and assign random names to all selected ships. Allowing us to make our own ship naming categories would be nice too.

you can already do that be right-clicking an existing ship and selecting “rename”. there are four categories you can press than press random name, or you can type in your own name of your choice. :smiley:

I am aware, but I want to be able to set up my own categories and rename more than one ship at a time.

If you want to, you can just add a new text file full of ship names and it will show up as a new option when renaming a ship. Also, each race of ships selects from a default shipname group, and you can edit the race text files to change that too. I’m not at the dev PC right now, but I’m sure one of the modders can point out the relevant files to change.

yeah, go to the “mods” forum and look at the bottom (maybe the next page) and look for Ship Name Expansion. and follow the instructions on the page, it gives you a LOT of new ship names, even a new category!

Ok. It works, but if I put in too many name lists, the list overflows the tiny window and it becomes hard to push the button.