"repair minimal" button

I would find it very useful if there was a “repair minimal” button. This would get all modules out of 100% damage for minimal cost. It would not repair any module which had less than 100% damage already. It would always pick the cheapest repair option for each module. So it would pick 10 cost over 20.

This would be great when you need emergency repairs but don’t have much cash at all. At least all modules will be working at the start of the next battle.

Also, this is awesome for ships with repair modules. Because the repair modules would finish the repairs at the start of the next battle. I’m currently already doing this type of repairing manually because I’m playing tribe and they all have repair modules. This saves me a ton of money.

i fully agree
im not playing tribe but i always carry repair modules,i resorted to this tactic countless of times because mostly i can be confident that the initial positioning phase and the shields will keep the ship safe for long enough to affect atleast some critical repairs,bring it to basic functionality,and lower the resulting repair costs if the battle goes well
usually it does too ^^