Repair modules

I was recently looking at the various repair modules availble, and I noticed that there doesn’t really seem to be a point to the Armor repair modules. They repair slower than the normal ones, cost more power, cost the same, and have fewer supplies. They only come ahead on crew and wieght, and the difference in wieght’s is practically nothing considering the overall weight of components. And while the crew difference is significant, I haven’t really found crew to be my common limiting factor(generally it’s power). It even cost more to unlock the modules free/850 for the normal and Nano-bot(respectively), compared to 3600/4800 for the Armor/advanced armor(respectively). Am I missing something?

the nanobot repairer taking time off to repair your other modules can be killer for an armor tank, so the armor repair modules do have a role. However the main problem is that the nanobot repair has a questionably high repair rate. shrug

My biggest problem with repair modules is a crippling lack of repair supplies. They really can’t repair much damage before becoming a useless waste of a slot.

From my experience armor absorbs all damage until the component is destroyed, is this not always the case?

Strong weapons can damage through armor, and shields for that matter. Not by a lot, but certainly enough to distract a normal repairer.