Repair what you can button for campaign

Playing through the campaign with a fast frigate heavy build I ran into several fighter fleets. I was able to crush them (or simply destroy everything not a fighter since most of my ships aren’t programmed to attack fighters then wait for my Anti-fighter ships to kill enough of them that they surrender) however these would constantly leave me with fleets fully of partially damaged frigates in huge quantities. Near the end of the campaign when I was running around with 80+ frigates it got to be very tedious to repair them all if they were at someplace that lacked sufficient resources to repair all of them (which by the end of the game was anywhere, even large ports couldn’t repair all the damage in a turn). I would have to click on the little arrow to scroll to the next ship then go to the ‘repair all’ button and back over and over again which gets tedious over 40+ damaged frigates per turn. Shockwaves are another thing which (if you’re doing frigates that get in close) will give you a lot of partially damaged frigates that add to the amount you have the cycle through.

It would be nice to have a button which simply repairs the fleet as far as it will go.

EDIT: An alternative might be to arrange it so that the ships that require the most repair are always put first in the list. That way it is more likely that you will go through less scrolling to use up all your points in situations where you cannot repair everything.

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Emphasis mine; there’s the heart of things. Great proposal idea, Velensk.

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