Repairing captured enemy ships (campaign)

I’m coming round to the view that this would be a popular feature. It’s very trivial for me to put in. However, I’m wary of it making the game a bit too easy, so I was wondering about restricting this capability only to class A shipyards (due to the wierd alien tech needed), rather than letting it happen at any repair yard or shipyard.
On the other hand that may be confusing.
So another option is to make repairs to enemy ships cost maybe 50% more than the equiv repair to a player-built ship.
What do people think?

Wahoo! I like it - makes capturing worth it.

Hmmmm… I debated the cost thing. And found I don’t care - simplest to leave the cost what it is.

Yeah, leave the cost as is and restrict it to just Class A. They’re kinda rare, but doesn’t make it any worse

I can live with repairs at only Class A Shipyards. Leaves you with a big choice, since it would take a bunch of turns just to get the ship there, and then back to the front lines. I doubt it would ruin balance.

or you would need a shipyard one level above the ship level to repair it

so a Fighter would need a tier 2 repair yard, and a Frigate needs a tier 3 repair yard - thereby removing the ability to repair enemy capital ships and forcing the player to move those that he can repair to higher level yards.

cruiser =/= capital ship

This sounds reasonable to me. At the moment, the only thing that can be done with a damaged captured cruiser or frigate is scrap them. Even with this change It may still only be worth scrapping them depending on various factors (ability of the design to fit in with your tactics; level of damage; distance to shipyard), but at least it’ll be a choice worth pondering now.

Fighters are always at full hp after a battle. You just can’t build more of them.

Restricted to Class-A yards at normal cost gets my vote.

Lol I still don’t see a reason to have non-fighter enemy ships other than to scrape them. But sure why not.

I would allow repairs at any repair facility (like your ships currently) - I hate schleping ships around to repair them.

Simple A Shipyard requirements is fine because it is simple but you could add a race to race repair cost modification for example:

you play Federation so if you capture:

  1. Federation 100% cost
  2. Aliance 150%
  3. Rebel 116%
  4. Empire 170%
  5. Nomads 133%
  6. Tribe 110%

and so on… of course it more complex because of the balance, overall similarity between the systems of another races…

So generally it is a choice between simple, no or complex solution

i would vote for a repair anywhere but with additional cost
if i like the ship i will gladly pay up a bit more for it to fix it,but separating ships and shuffling them around to fix them after every (or every other) battle would just be plain too much annoying

Or we can make new research facility that for some cost, time and crew will discover the secrets of the ship(your worker will have the part now and will know how to use them) hull and every module that is installed so you can normally repair this hull and any type of modules that you discovered so for example you captured Puma Frigate with Engines III, Plasma, Ion cannon, Tech III power gen, Crew Module II, Tech II Frigate Armour…and you discovered how to repair them… so when you will capture Wolf Frigate you will have to research how to repair wolf Frigate hull plus other modules that where not used in Puma ship design like tractor beam frigate torpedo and so on

The research facility can only be on your home world planet and other very distant planets 3-4 max or so for the entire galaxy

I wouldn’t say too much as in just cost, but rather cost over extend period of time. Say the engineers working on your repaired ships know where things are and have instructions on how to repair them, when an enemy ship is brought in, their can either just patch it up leaving unknown systems offline. Or they can be in the shop longer trying to repair everything on that ship.

Here’s one idea that would benefit the reason of capturing the enemy ship, but would probably make the game easier. Is that a captured enemy ship will have better penetration abilities against their own race then your ships would. Say lasers / shields; a captured enemy ship would receive a bonus against their own race.

I’m going with (for now) captured enemy ships only able to be repaired at a class A shipyard. (same cost as normal).

Repairing would be neat but at a very heavy penalty/cost due to alien tech.