Repeatable crash

I have a very repeatable crash with Democracy 2, which I just bought because of the sale. I can start the game and play just fine. But as soon as I lose (which I always do and rather quickly I must say), it crashes when I try to start a second game. It will also crash in the very same way if I go through the tutorial and then try to start a game. I’m running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64-bit edition with NVIDIA’s latest WHQL drivers (258.96) for sake of reference.

I’ve had this same bug. (I probably should have mentioned that earlier).
Anyway, same thing happens to me. I’m running Windows 7 home premium, with Nvidia (I believe 8200M) graphics card.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Has cliffski weighed in on it somewhere?

Cliffski, would you weigh in on this issue?

I’m experiencing this issue too. I also have Windows 7 amd64. The game is version 1.25.

I’m also experiencing this on Full 1.25

Same problem here with win7. I installed mods though, so that might be the problem. Is there any chance of a patch fixing win7 issues?

I have seen it have issues loading data after a game completes. The fix, for me, was exit the app and restart it, then start a new game. Not terribly bad (not like the mysterious political capital not increasing every turn like it should bug, although that could be because of social unrest).

Same here: Win7 64bits on corei5… and it’s a purchased copy (just purchased it today with paypal).The graphics card is intel HD. From the other posts I guess that the common config is win7-64.

It’s not windows 7, Windows XP dosen’t work…Every time i play a game i cant play another one(If you choose USA then koana, you get USA advanced options)It’s HIGHLY annoying and I have to close the game after every game,Was this to discourge time-wasting?!

Mac OS X Lion… I’ve a similar problem, but I do think it’s more annoying, because it feels like it’s similar to removing part of my vision of the voters’ opinion: if I want to click on “Socialists”, for example, in the middle of the screen, the game crashes. I can’t seem to select any Voter Group. Is this a Red Marble Games problem or a Positech thing?

Yeah, me too. I am expierenceing some crashes when I try to start a second game from losing the first one. Since the MAC guy is having the same problem, we can rule out the fact that it’s a Windows problem and know that it is a problem with the way the code was written. I suppose we just have to wait for Cliff to release 1.26 in order to fix these new bugs with the 1.25 update. In the programming world, sometimes when you fix bug, you create more. Software engineering can be very frustrating.

Same thing happens to me.
Is there just some way to clear a bunch of the data after ending a round? (losing the election)

Adding my name to this list

Well it’s been almost 3 years now and no change.

Democracy 3 is coming. That should pave over all unresolved bugs.