Repeating upgrade offers and Challenge crash

Mac OSX 10.6.8. 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5

I joined the GSB universe about 6 weeks ago. The game works 98% excellent.

Two quirks:

  1. The Challenge List. The situation there is I get “one choice” on the Challenge screen and then I have to hit “Refresh List”. For example, I read the list and click on a submitter’s challenge, decide it’s not to my taste and click back to the full list. If I neglect the “Refresh List” move, and click on another challenge that has caught my eye, the whole game crashes down. I can go back and forth to the various lists (Everybody, Downloads, Personal, etc) and choose one Challenge. Returning to the list and clicking a new Challenge item will end in tears.

  2. An even smaller irritation. A week or so ago, the window popped up offering to upgrade my copy to 1.58.0. I accepted eagerly. Well, problem #1 did not disappear. Now, about every third time I open GSB, the offer to upgrade pops up again. If I click “accept”, it stays away for three or four uses of the game. If I decline, it will pop up every time until I do accept. Again.

Other than that, I’m a happy customer.