Repetitive event bug

The problem with repetitive dilemas was solved a couple weeks ago, but it seems that the problem wasn’t solved for repetitive events:



This is an issue in v1.37?

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It could well be. There is no hard limit on events, and if the code doesnt degrade their chances enough, you can have multiple ones.
But… is that not kinda true in real life?
There was a big economic hit in 2008…and just as countries are maybe getting over the worst of it, we have another economic shock (this time covid).
I don’t think its that rare for a country to still be suffering some impacts from prior events which then reoccur, although obviously this depends on the event.

Some stuff like earthquakes/tsnumai could well be very regular, if weather patterns continue to get worse.

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There was a 12 year gap between the two economic shocks though. And it was caused by a virus (technically humans due to our packing of animals in unsanitary conditions and cutting forests, etc.) not by economic choices by humans (again indirectly through profit-seeking in livestock). So, perhaps Share IPOs should not be cancelled so many times? I can’t say for sure though, I’m not an expert on share IPOs.

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