Replacing files

Hey there, I have recently started experimenting with mods. I found this game was a good place to start as it seems like the developers have gone out of their way to elt people more easily make changes which I am grateful for. Though I have little experience actual modding so I keep finding myself encountering problems I can usualy deal with but this most recent one I can;t find my way about, wondering if anybody can give me an idea of what’s wrong?

Basically I can add new policies etc but when I want to replace a new file like the sound for the opening main menu, using the Mod with appropriate sub folders doesn’t work. It just basically doesn’t load them and uses the original stuff instead. If I replace the original sound in vanilla foders It works though, something wrong with how I have saved it in the mod folder perhaps? the folders seem to have exactly same name so not sure if I am going wrong there. Maybe the modding folder just doesn;t work this way?

Cheers guys for any feedback.

Hello SquidyInk,
great to have you with us :slight_smile:

First things first!
Modding features allow us gameplayers to add
our ideas and modification into Democracy3
by placing our matching files into the MOD-Folder:
C:\GOG Games\Democracy 3 [German]\data\mods…
C:\Program Files\Democracy 3\data\mods…

We can add new policies, new situations, new simulation items,
new events, new dilemma, new countries and country-flags.

But many other parts of the game are HARD CODED and therefor off limits
and can not /should not be modified by us gameplayers.

I, for myself, have often in-game sound+music turned off
and I then use music from mediaplayer/MP3 or Audio-CD while playing and modding.

Please read the Democracy 3 official modding guide (from cliffski),

Always make backup copies of original data files, first!

For intermediate and ambitious modders, only!

If you still want to change other parts,
ALL THIS will be up to you and there is no documentation availlable from Cliffski!
Some things may work, some not.
And strong nerves are required during much trial and error testing.

I only know that the game stays stable
and accepts changing these here:

\Democracy 3 [German]\data\partynames.txt
A maximum of 1+26 (active) lines are stable in-game always.

\Democracy 3 [German]\data\quotes.csv
Add more quotes here from politicians or famous people.

\Democracy 3 [German]\data\strings.ini
under [loading_messages]
you may change and add new loading_messages.

Cheers and good luck :slight_smile:

Always make backup copies of original data files, first!