Like the game but…

I want to replay it. I played as the federation throught the campaign, but i now want to play with the other races but can’ get any more points for the HQ purchases, so i thought to delete the game files, so i did this trought steam (bought it off there) but when i redownload it, it has all the complete missions i have already done.

How can i restart the game a fresh?

Also can someone point me to the right location to find out to patch to version 1.24 throught steam as it didn’t auto update

Thanks very much

Notorious DC

Your progress is stored in the MyDocuments\My Games\Gratuitous Space Battles folder if you want to delete it. In terms of patching, the game will auto-patch once per day if a new version is available, but only if you enter the games serial code and pick a username in the ‘online’ screen.


Thanks ill try that

The patch note - i bought it on wednesday, on either thursaday or friday the patch was released and a autoupdater program lauched and downloaded something (hopefully the patch) it then installed it but then the game didn’t work so i deleted the local content via steam and redownload the game via steam and no patch updater program has launched since then (possibly friday, definatly saturday and sunday - and ive played it everyday since i bought it)

Update: i had a look around the folder to named and found under the patches section a exe file called GSB124 i installed that and it seemed to work, but at the end it give you the option to start the game - it then said that it couldn’t star becuase fmodex.dll is missing - but then i tried to launch throught steam and it worked - but it was still version 1.23

Notorious DC

BTW im on windows 7 x64 if that makes a difference

Just read this. There is many tips to do it.



Got the patch to work but what folder is the save game data in ?
I have a choce of depolyments, orders, patches, ships,web

Also how come you can’t play the campaign with the imperial race?

You can play as imperial, once you unlock that race.

I did… but when i get to the race selecter i have the choice of federation, rebels or alliance… (the latter 2 are unavaliable)

so you have earned honor, gone to the fleet HQ, selected races and paid honor to unlock the imperial race?