I just bought the game after playing the demo for an hour. But now I started the full game and played for three hours my first game. I ended with soooo much money and nothing to buy anymore. It seems I have completely beaten the game the first time I played it. So I thought maybe I am lucky. and tried again. But now I can beat the game everytime within the hour. It is too easy. Just get a band, buy T-shirts, Play gigs, and you are famous in no time. Now I am a bit disappointed since the game has no replay value for me. I think it was not worth the 20$.

Does anyone agree?

Yeah, I beat it the first time I played too.

Now that you’ve figured out how to play, look through the configuration files and search through the forums; change some variables, make it more difficult, make more things to buy, bigger places to go et cetera.

The joy (I’ve found) in this game is in it’s moddability.

Don’t give up!

If you make a cool mod post it in the modding forum.

If you need explanation about something ask there.

Wow, I must be a dolt- I’m still trying to get the hang of it. I get to about 6-8 years and peter out. Not enough cash to play gigs/get more merch, etc, so I end up “doing nothing” for days on end/practicing until I can get some cash to play SOMETHING… Ugh. Any advice for a newb? :slight_smile:

merchandise is the key to financial success in the game.

Thanks Cliffski!