Report your BUGS HERE!!

Hi everyone, just thought we could save Cliff some time and use this thread to report all the new and nasty bugs we come across. Be sure to state what version you’re using, the scienaro, (or Mod). I know it all sounds obvious, but hey sometimes obvious is good.

Full version 1.07, gaitopia. I cancelled rail subsidies while the rail strikes were still going on. (Figured hey i’d rather clear up the debt first). It told me my debt celing had been reached and i had been ousted in a coup.


I have just found that when you lose an election,you can press the Esc button and continue playing the game in the next term like after winning an election.

I do not know whether this works that way in every game,though.

I’ve just tried this and is done work. On the voter breakdown screen, you press escape and then you can continue running the country.

full version 1.07, first scienario, malagara (?). Well apparently if you leave democracy 2 idle for a bit, it shuts down. I was ah, distracted, by my fiance for a bit and when i came back to shut off the game (and the computer ) i got the “democracy 2 has encountered a problem and needs to shut down”. Oh and i’ve also found the "hit escape after election results " and you keep the country going bug. Not sure if thats a bug as much as a cheat though.

Do you have a screensaver that kicks in? or does your PC go into suspend or turn off its hard disk? It could be related to that maybe.
I’ll get the election skip bug fixed in the next patch, but I’m not working on a patch right now.

ok, yes i have a screensaver that kicks in. Not sure if my PC suspends it’s disk or not. How would i check that and is it good or bad? Don’t blame you for not working on a patch right now. 1.07 seems pretty damn stable to me. I’d rather see things like Prostituion or Drugs Tax come out. What would also be nice would be for some of the Events to show up on your main screen as policies. Examples: Euthanasia, Abortion, Nuclear Ban, Nuclear Power, etc. Just a thought.

When you are assassinated, the mouse click stops working, and you can’t click on the “thanks for the advice” button.

really? is that happening to everyone? or is this some assassination related bug. There is something fishy going on in that code somewhere because a few people have reported different problems with it.
To be honest I feel like I’ve run a marathon and am knackered. I may have to revisit the game in a few days.