[Request]Battlestar Galactica fans unite

Im a fan of battlestar galactica so i thought this game would be awesome to make an galactica mod for…
We’re talking a TC mod here… everything goes, new missions, new everything…
Yea ok this sounds quite much, and since i don’t contribute anything at this first post i can’t really ask for anything…
But then again i will work on this… and if there is some talented artist out there who could implement the
ships from the galactica series that would be highly appriciated… as for the coding of everything i can do myself…
ofc material from all series is appriciated, but i focus on the newest caprica release of the series…

as for this topic… ANY mod about galactica is very much appriciated.

Things Needed
[]Ship models
]Mission Codes
[]Ship Codes
]Race Codes
[]Ship names
]Part Codes
[*]Additional Effects

That is all.

I’ve started one.
You start with the original series, then you can trade more points for the newer ships. This mod will be different in that you have to protect unarmed ships from attack.
I’ll get back to it once the Firefly mod is finished.

Of course, if someone wants to help out with providing some renders of the ships, that will make things quicker. In particular, I’m missing a lot of the ragtag fleet models…like the Argos (silent running), etc.

I found this