Request - better demolish

At the current stage of the game, money is plentiful and I experiment with a lot of layouts. But sometimes I make a mistake and want to remove a whole bunch of stuff at once. The demolish option in the menu is no better than right clicking because it takes a single click to remove something off the floor. If I pick demolish I would like to click-drag and clear anything I touch. For example I was experimenting for the first time with split lines from the same starting queue and I ran out of room so I want to delete the whole line and start over. I made it as far as finishing fit engine. That’s going to be a lot of clicking to get rid of it all. Once the game is more complete I could still see it being a useful option.

To go with a better demolish id like a shift to place multiples of the same item

EG hold shift and then you can place infinite research labs