Request: Borderless windowed mode.

One thing that I find really nice with some newer games’ graphics options is the ability to play in windowed mode, but maximized and without any window borders visible. It looks exactly like full screen, but you can alt-tab to other activities (chatting usually) without Windows going crazy on you. WoW has implemented this and it works flawless.

Would it be possible for you to add this mode in any near future?

Just bought the game btw, wish me luck :slight_smile:


Hmmm very interesting. I shall investigate…

Currently in Windows 7 RC2 (I am in the process of translating over to the full bought version) maximizing the window distorts the images and the buttons no long align up with the clicks.

(Standard apology for thread necromancy)

Is there any news on borderless full screen (.ini hack or otherwise)? The game detests being maximized on my main monitor while any sort of action goes on on my second monitor. It minimizes when something is clicked on the second monitor, since it does not realize it does not have to, and locks up when I tab back (no graphics).

Using window at the main monitor’s resolution and maximizing it distorts the graphics so the only real workaround at the moment is using a smaller window (which sucks, since it buries armor and shield information under a menu on the ship designer).

Apologies also for thread necromancy!

There is a way of running any game that can be windowed as a borderless windowed mode using an app called ShiftWindow. There is a guide up on my blog: … dowed.html

Awesome! Imma spread that around a little where it could be used :slight_smile: