[request] Campaign scenario deployment area size

It seems that whenever you go into a battle in the campaign, the game automatically generates the “player_deployment” and “ai_deployment” areas based on the total cost of all fleets involved. This is completely fine for the official ships.
However, this becomes problematic when using oversized modded ships. Unless the battles are huge, very large ships start becoming too long for the deployment areas. The width variable of the player_deployment object becomes too low to fit very large ships. I’m still able to get the long ships into the battle using the autodeploy feature, but I can’t give them commands because when I click on them they are removed from the map and put back in the available ships list off to the side. I also can’t place them manually.

My suggestion is to change the way the deployment areas are calculated.
Here’s the player_deployment object for reference: player_deployment = x,y,width,height

The current method is something like width=(player_fleetcost+ai_fleetcost)/?

My suggestion is to make the width value of both deployment areas whichever is greater of:
width=((widest ship in player’s fleet) + 200)

This will also cause problems when Cliff starts allowing modded fleets in the campaign.

For reference, I was using the “Caldari Leviathan Capital hull” from the Eve Online Mod which has a value of width = 600 and height = 600 in its hull file.