[Request] colourblindness support


Hey guys,

So either I am really bad at searching forums or I missed that this was brought up before.

But basically I was super excited to play this game and going through the tutorial i see there’s the red and green icons, but it’s ok, they’re large enough for me to tell apart, hover over an icon to see the influence lines and nope, thin lines like that they’re all the same color to me :frowning:

kinda makes the game unplayable, i’m not even going to finish the tutorial.

has anyone looked into modding the interface to make it red-green colorblind friendly (at least)?

and if i were to tackle modding it myself do you think it would be easy and any tips on how I could get started on that? (of course i will read the modding guide etc).



ok so i tried to do a mod for this, got it installed and started changing colors of the ui files (bmps and dds’s) and nothing is effecting the lines going in and out of policies… starting to wonder if that part of it is moddable?


Hi, what colors would work best for you? I will put it on a todo list to make a color-blind option.


awesome, well yellow and blue are really easy to tell apart, otherwise there are certain shades of red and green that i can tell apart (like #309C6A and #990D00) but not sure if other color blind people could tell those apart. Alternatively you could go for like a dark grey / orange combo.

But there are a lot of different types of colorblindness so if you made those colors moddable then people could make a mod just for their type.

appreciate you giving this some attention though :smiley:


did this happen?


FTR afaik this is still not a feature? :slight_smile: