[Request] Egypt Mod

Ideas for an Egypt Mod [After Mubarak]

High Religious and high poor. Mid levels for other groups.

Low to mid GDP, high unemployment, mid level crime, low education and health. 70-90% debt to GDP ratio.

Religious will resent heavy handed security policies like armed police, tasers, police drones etc. as the security forces are dominated by Mubarak era cronies.

New Policy: Shariah

Many Muslims believe that the rules and ideals of their religion should be applied to society at large. Implementation of these principals can range from the use of Islamic family courts in civil matters to the harsh application of religious law that is found in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both Christians and secularists alike will strongly object to the intrusion of the Islamic faith into the public square.


Positive effect on Religious and Religious membership. Negative effect on crime. Negative effect on liberal and liberal membership. Negative effect on foreign relations. Negative effect on ethnic minorities, and positive effect on racial tension.

New Situation: Foreign Aid Cut

If foreign relations falls below a certain level, the United States will cut off foreign aid, causing a huge drop in GDP and loss of support from capitalists, self employed, and the wealthy.

Dilemma: Aid for Palestine

Our allies in palestine have requested our assistance in carrying out an attack on their Israeli oppressors with some of our mid-range rockets. While giving the missiles to the palestinians will improve our standing with the religious and patriot communities, it is likely to harm our relations with the United States.

Give them the missiles: Increase support from religious and patriots. Negative effect on foreign relations and liberals.

No, supporting attacks on Israel will cause too many problems for us: Negative effect on patriot and religious. Positive effect on foreign relations and liberals.

Bump this request,
really wish to see my country on the modding list!