Request for Switzerland mod

Hi there!

If anyone is interested in creating a Switzerland mod, I’ll be happy to help with all the statistical data and constitutional rules. The challenge is the semi-direct democracy, where the people get to vote on bills, as well as the lack of a president (It’s a council of ministers instead).

I also thought about about some political challenges like: exasterbating disenchantment with politics empowering radical parties, international crackdown on tax havens crippling the GDP, Refugee-&Foreignerphobia sparks racial tension, Environmentalist fad launches a wave of policies, public healthcare cost spiral due to overzealous doctors and overpriced medication, State pension investments deplete because of global economic crisis.

It will be no mean feat, to create Switzerland in Democracy 3, but to navigate the intricate waters of a direct democracy successfully until ultimately becoming popular or powerful enough to do things your way would be awesome.

Thank you for your consideration