[Request from dev] Really big factory

Hi there, has anybody got a really massive factory in a save file for me?

I want to do some optimisation but I don’t have any factories that are big enough to cause slow down on my machine. 3x3 or bigger full of production lines should do it. You can post it below or send it to me at support@twicecircled.com, whichever is easier for you.



How do you make bigger factories, like one that encompasses the entire map?

It doesn’t seem to be possible to attach .sav files, or even renamed ones (to jpg). Maybe it’s worth having a word with Cliff to allow them?

If you don’t want to directly mail him; it’s still possible to share files through the forum. Upload it to a cloud sharing service, like Dropbox, One Note or Google Drive (there are more available) and share a link to that file. (If you have several savefiles, you can compress them into a single file to save time)

You can always play a custom game and set the map size to its maximum (4x4). Also, for fast developing, try lowering plot cost to 0, reducing building costs, and, well, any other thing you’d like.

OK .sav extensions should work now. Gimme gimme gimme :smiley:

Hi Tim,
Per attached.
Advanced - Even mo’ money 7.sav (691 KB)

Thanks! :smiley:

This one’s reasonably big too.
Quick Start - Quick draw 5.sav (569 KB)

Attached has lots of more complex lines, though with limited throughput (I needed number of products rather than pure profit).
Quick Start - Money Spinners 6.sav (470 KB)

Room to Maneuver - Big bucks 5.sav (958 KB)I had to upload a previous save – it went over the 1MB file limit with the thing fully built up so there’s still some room.

This factory tends to get to 4GB memory often especially when switching between screens alot and leaving the game running for a couple hours. When this happens (memory usage becomes >=4GB) the game will unceremoniously crash-to-desktop.

Also interesting: the tuning of the Master goals for the ‘get X total income’ scenarios is maybe a bit high. Room to Maneuver was only ‘just’ doable with a 4x4 factory. Advanced and especially Quick Start require (much) more money per day per tile. I don’t know if there’s enough patients in the game to provide it. (Or enough factory space).

That’s a big game. For me at least it maxes out my CPU just loading it, and panning around (let along running it) when fully zoomed out lags quite a bit. It does run ok when zoomed in, even at faster speed.
Also, I’ve now discovered a use for colliders; I didn’t know they worked like that.

I haven’t got to the Room to Manuever levels yet, but I did find similar on earlier levels, and posted a thread: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=14696