Request: let political capital being disabled

In Democracy 3 the political capital can be disabled in Options menu.
Please provide this setting also for Democracy 4.
Thanks in advance.

I do intend to make this possible at some point. The reason it was removed was because we have two mechanics in the game that reply on political capital being limited, neither of which existed in democracy 3:

One is the emergency powers situation, which kicks in during bad situations and lets you have much more capital

The other is coalitions, where political capital is offered to you by coalition partners in exchange for carrying out specific actions.

It would kind of ‘break’ the games balance to allow infinite capital, but I will enable it as a cheat at some stage.


I’d not think of it as a cheat so much as sandbox mode!


Could be useful for making new countries :wink:

Does the game not feel way too easy without a limit on political capital?


Game without political capital can be won in one turn (or at least how long it takes to overcome inertia), its more about just messing around.
I guess pissed ministers may make it impossible to implement policies with >40 political cost.
I suggested scaling introduction costs depending on policy popularity - sum of happiness changes by policy multiplied by voter group amount.

By the way uncancellable policies shouldn’t have introduce/cancel costs (maybe set those to 0).

Here is list of policies with >30 implement cost

Policy Introduction Cost
AlcoholTax 30
Banforeignchurchservice 30
CorporationTax 30
ForeignInvestmentRestrictions 30
MarsProgram 30
RoadBuilding 30
StateSchools 30
UniversalBasicIncome 30
MortgageTaxRelief 31
Bandivorce 32
Banprivateeducation 32
Banprivatehealthcare 32
GayMarriage 32
RacialProfiling 32
RareEarthRefinement 32
Tradeunionbansatcompanies 32
DroneStrikeAct 34
Mandatorymicrogeneration 34
GeneralMediaCensorship 35
SolidarityTax 35
BanSundayShopping 36
Compulsorychurchattendance 36
OilDrillingSubsidy 36
Narcotics 37
PropertyTax 37
SalesTax 37
ArmedPolice 38
CarTax 38
SecretCourts 38
StateHealthService 38
CarbonTax 39
SpeedCameras 39
TobaccoTax 39
BorderWall 40
Closeairportscompletely 40
Creationism 40
Limitorbancarsincities 40
OneChildPolicy 40
TortureUsageBySecretServices 40
FlatTax 43
IncomeTax 43
Curfews 45
DetentionWithoutTrial 45
FaithSchoolSubsidies 45
LabourLaws 45
SateliteRoadPricing 45
StemCells 45
InheritanceTax 46
Banhomosexuality 48
IDCards 48
PetrolTax 49
CapitalControls 50
DeathPenalty 50
HandgunLaws 50
MandatoryMicrochipImplant 50
NationalService 50

As said. Sandbox mode. - Sandbox mode doesn’t typically try to challenge you. It’s there for your entirely free reign. Entirely about exploration, not actual challenge. You can deactivate achievements for it if that’s a concern to you but otherwise I see no reason why you shouldn’t offer it as an option.


As others have said, the option to remove political capital is there to create a sandbox experience, not necessarily to alter the difficulty of a regular game.

I like to play this game in two ways. The first is as an actual game with a challenge and an “ending” - in this case fixing a country while adhering to varying ideological stances, as the game was intended.

The second is simply to mess around and see what happens when I muck around with various policies, or just to min-max my “ideal” country. I’m not looking for a challenge here, I challenge myself enough playing the game as it is intended. Here, I just want to have fun and not have to worry about my political capital.

I think people asking for the option to turn political capital off, myself included, are simply looking for a “sandbox” mode to be able to mess around in, just like how games come with cheat codes or “god mode” included - all in the name of fun.


I think games generally shouldn’t officially support modes that break their design in half.

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call it “sandbox mode” maybe not even enable it until played thought normally? If it is enabled now it would help playtest the game. For instance i am trying to examine how all the different policies affect environment, its hard to try everything out if you have to play the game normally.

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Sometimes I want to set really ambitious personal targets, like with the deficit or climate, so removing the political capital but pushing myself is just a fun option.


Hiding such a feature behind a playthrough seems silly to me. As said, make achievements contingent on regular mode. That should be enough. If you want a challenge you can have a challenge.


For anybody really determined to do this right now, before I get time to have a proper think about how to implement it…

if you open up simconfig.txt you can probably work out how to make it practically infinite quite easily :smiley: