Request: Mission Editor

Based on comments from some others and our own experience with GSB it would be nice to have a full mission editor mode which could serve as a “nexus” for other modes. It would have the following features:

  1. Set Mission Parameters (pilots, budget, map size/background, anomalies)

  2. Fleet A Deployment (custom per current method or import saved deployments)

  3. Fleet B Deployment (ditto)

This would also allow for rapid prototyping and debugging of ship designs and deployments.

this can already be done by messing with the game’s files, but its not such a good idea, so i second your request. aye!

I’ll “third” that request. :slight_smile:

Fourth. :slight_smile:

let’s pretend I’m some other random guy who just registered.

fifth. :smiley:

sixth. And already assumed as a mod tool in support section :smiley: