[Request] *Multiple*-race Module Restriction ability

Cliff, please provide us modders the ability to specify a multiple-race restriction for shipboard items.
For example, a modder could then make a module whose possible use is then confined – via a comma-delimited text string – to [size=85](for example)[/size] “terran,kraugerisk”.

This should be a minor thing to implement, too; we already had it late in GSB1’s lifetime.

Having the power to allow multiple races to equip something while also denying other multiple races from using that same something is a superb example of much-needed modding granularity. Luckily, applying this power to various permutations of official content is not the only thing it’s useful for. It can also be used to to include/exclude other mods. It can even be applied across multiple mods and GSB2’s vanilla content simultaneously! :wink:

This is already in there! for both ship modules and visual components just separate them with commas. It looks like I havent done it for race names, is that what you are referring to?

If I understand you correctly, it’s the race names I’m asking to have broadened here with respect to module restrictions & permissions.

For example, using commas to force some fancy new modules here and there to be constrained in ways such as being permitted for use by “zyrtari,terran,kraugerisk”. This would prevent “yootan” from installing those items aboard their hulls.

As long as modders can include two or more races in the text string of who is permitted to make use of any given module, I’m happy.

I heartily support this. This functionality was in GSB1 (late in the game) but created program crashes when jumping to the post-battle stats screen; being unable to use it proved most cumbersome for certain aspects of modding. :slight_smile:

Gah, sorry typo., I meant its not done for ship hulls. But its is already supported for ship components and modules. Unless people have tried it and encountered bugs?