Request of Help

i have just started adding ships into a game and have run into a few problems and am wondering wether you guys could lend a hand
Basicly whenever i save my DDS it has a white box around it which shows up in game and i would appreciate it if someone more experianced
could take a look at my File and make sure i have done everything right :slight_smile:

Also if anyone can point me to some further help in the coordinates for hardpoints etc becuase i have read the basic guide and havent the foggiest what
i need to do

Many Thanks

If possible, could you zip up the 4 files for the ship ?

  • Atlantis.txt

That way i can look at the whole thing :slight_smile:
If you have not made the hulk and damaged graphics, thats fine - i can just look at the original image.

the dds is 564x512 it has to be 512x512.

Technically, the image doenā€™t have to be square - although ponyus is right, its a good idea to keep the image square as it makes it easy to scale the ship without resorting to weird decimal numbers.

For example, the image has a dimention of 564 x 512.
In order not to distort the image in the game the dimentions of the ship must maintain a ratio of 1.1015625:1
So if we were to use this image for a frigate the dimentions would be 110.15625 x 100

However in this case we the image is the Atlantis, so its going to be big.
Therefore we i would suggest that you use the dimentions:
width = 564
height = 512

On to the file at hand - When i placed it in the game it looks like this.

You cant see it here, but in the game there was a faint outline around this image. Looking at the alpha channel, if you zoomed into the boarder of the image you will notice that you have some grey pixles (well they are not grey, but they are not completly black) Therefore the game will draw the boarder with the appropriate level of transparency.

Speaking of transparency, the first image is transparent in places. Again, this is governend by the shades of grey in the alpha channel.

Afer a bit of tinkering:
All i have done is remove all the grey and replaced it with white and removed the grey on the boarders in the alpha channel

You can download the file from here

Wow Thanks thats helped me a lot
i see what i did wrong xD

No Problem - its what we are here for :slight_smile: