[Request] "Set Target" Behavior

I’d like to make a request regarding the behavior of the set target option for many of the AI orders (protect, escort, etc.) The request is as follows:

Currently when you set a target for these orders, you click “Set Target” click the target ship and then have to click “ok” . My request is to remove the “ok” part of the equation. The logic for this is that once I click the target, that should automatically assume that I have selected the ship I want and that it is ok to proceed. By removing this step I think it will greatly increase the flow of the deployment phase and allow the player to get to the good part, watching stuff go boom.

I support this - there’s no reason for okay, I can always delete it later if I don’t like it.

Mee too also!

The OK step is unneccessary.

Also seconded.

Deployment is still a tad too fiddly and definitely needs some streamlining.