I’m not sure if this should be in Mods or General discussion, but hopefully this is OK.

I was playing the other day and ended up with 1 spare In/Out wall section in a building, and it occurred to me, There should be some way to ‘link’ 2 together, so that you can ship an un-packaged product out of one factory, and then in another.

2 Ways I could imagine this working in the UI, would be either when a product which is unfinished reaches an output, a popup (Like the drug naming dialogue) pops up, saying Do you want to a) forget the product or b) transport to area, then the available inputs would turn green, like when you’ve clicked import on an ingredient.

Or simply ‘Drag and drop’ one in/out to another, and you’d get a line drawn linking the two.

Obviously it would be lovely if this was just, incorporated into the base game, but if that’s not an option, someone a bit more capable than me might be able to create a mod that would do it. :slight_smile:

It’s a good idea, and one that’s been posted a few times before, but I’m afraid I don’t believe it’s possible; the game has very limited modibility, so we have to hope that Tim adds it.

Hi, yes other people have also suggested this, and I like the idea. I can’t talk any more about this right now but let’s just say I have some ideas brewing and I’ll reveal more in due course. ^^