[REQUEST] The Netherlands

I wonder if somebody would be willing to make The Netherlands as a nice mod

i think especially in this time it could be very interesting with all problems my country has
and it could be very good because there need to be so many budget cuts in government
it would be great if i as a Dutch Man could try to do it better then my own government

I sincerely hope someone want to do this

Greetings Sander

Do you want me to do it, i can work on it alongside my central america and russia mod

I only say this because that was my original intention when making my russia mod. I have a file on my pc called netherlands v.10.

well i would appreciate it alot if you could do it^^
i never modded before so that is the reason why i asked it here

if there is anything i can help with just let me know

Greetings Sander

oh nice i was trying to make the netherlands along side a united states of europe, turns out i suck at modding so im glad netherlands is comming

I want to be of use to any games community and doing this is perfect for me.

well if you need any information i am glad to hear
and will try my best to help you find the info you need
i think maybe the Human Development Index website can help alot
in getting the numbers right;-)


this website might also help with other open countries
allthough i doubt if it will help for a country like Russia

i hope this website can help you in your modding for alot of countries
and if you want more information just let me know

Greetings Sander

Or try this site http://www.indexmundi.com/netherlands/
Jeeey the Netherlands is coming. :smiley: I would be very happy if I could play as my own country.
I would really appreciate it if you would succeed.