Request: "Why yes, GSB, I most definitely have that DLC!"

Can someone tell me which files to edit and in what way, so that I can play any of the 59865415634532415241521 challenges that use no Order stuff but leave the Order box checked anyway? Every time I check the new challenges, other than the people who hit the button a little too zealously (or rather, in addition to and with some overlap) the challenges seem to be issued largely by people who have no ability whatsoever to tell whether they’re using the Order or not.

Before anyone says “Herp derp just buy the Order DLC”:


I’ve seen only a handful of challenges issued with it; I therefore feel no compulsion to buy something very few people seem to use or like, when I’m quite happy with the 6 races I have, but if all I’m going to run into is “DERPADERP WE TOTALLY USE ANYTHING FROM THE ORDER DLC NOT REALLY” online I’m going to just stop playing. Seriously. Scrolling through about 90 challenges (most of those being stacks of 5-11 duplicate challenges, to be fair) to find one I can actually fight isn’t exactly fun. And if I’m dumb enough to try a challenge with Order ships and stuff while I have that set, well, I’ll crash to desktop and it’ll be my fault. It’s not like I’m getting the content free. I’m just not being locked out of things I should rightly have access to.

That sounds like a challenge… to get more people to post challenges using the order. I’ll start immediately.

Ffffffffffffff now it’s on Steam for $1.49, but I can’t get it because I bought direct. QQ

Yes you can. Just copy the files from the steam directory to your normal one. :wink:

But steam makes you buy the base game to get expansions for it…

Oh. :frowning:
Well it is cheap…

Cost of original + expansions during sale > cost of the Order pack normally > cost of Order during sale


So the sale is over, I still can’t access a bucket of challenges containing only the content I HAVE paid for because people won’t uncheck the fukken Order box. I don’t want to torrent this as it would be encouraging piracy of Cliff’s game, but it gets pretty tiresome not being able to play most of the challenges… I already paid for Tribe just because people were using a background from it for one challenge. -.-;

There will eventually be code that will auto-assign the correct values to every challenge, even previously uploaded ones. This is on the list todo, and most of the code already exists to do it.

So I’ve heard. :I

When do you think that’ll happen?

Panda, why not make a request thread for non-order challenges? I’ll post. Granted they may not all be up to snuff… but whatever. Or you could pm me if you’re interested. Either way.

It’s not that they’re Order challenges, it’s that a bunch of twits won’t uncheck the Order box despite not using any of its material.

Asinine, eh? Has a complaint on this subject been posted at the Challenges forum yet? If that doesn’t help, then sending a PM to Cliffski is needed.

Seminecro as an update to this thread - between the Order and the Nomads, I’ve basically stopped playing GSB on account of not being able to play many of the challenges I should be able to.

So I was wondering, what if you go into Gratuitous Space Battles\data\installs, make a copy of swarm.txt, and rename it order.txt?

There are more files than just the race.txt that would need to be edited. Again, an “official” way to do this (understanding that if I crash my own game it’s my own damn fault) would be much preferable than just not playing at all, since I. Well. Can’t, really.