Requesting a new hi-score mod

Is there any way someone could create a mod for a kind of hi-score table?
I’ve played the game many times but I think it would be good to have like different options, for example to be able to choose a 4, 5 or 6 year career.
Each time you complete a career the name of the band you used would then go to the hi-score table associated with the option you chose.

Just something that, I think, would give yet another reason to play this game multiple times!

Really hope someone agrees!! If you’re asking yourself why I don’t just do it myself I have a simple answer. I’m an idiot at modding.

Mega thanks!

Hi Paulie!

I don’t think you are an idiot at modding. Actually your idea is really good, I like it and you are right: It would help the replayability of Kudos - Rock Legend.

It is no problem to make games longer or shorter, but having a high score list with new graphics etc. is very difficult.
Can you specify a bit what you think it should look like? What would you measure? How much money was made/CDs released/songs written/shows played…?

Well I think a table with seperate headings for your character/band name, then any number of information could be tracked. Obvious things like your final wealth, amount of albums sold, total audience played to, total gigs. I’d also like to see some additional stats though. Things like which of your albums was most succesful (highest quality rataing), the amount of t-shirts, sweaters and posters sold.

Theres all these cool things you can do in the game but so few of them are ‘tracked’ overall I guess it would make most sense to have seperate tables for different game lengths, maybe 4, 5, 6 years. If it went as high as ten i suspect the scores would end up being pretty similar, and if it’s a shorter game you’ll go through it more.

The final position on the scoreboard ought to be determined by your fame, if the fame score is tied it should then depend on wealth and so on. This would work with all the kudos games and stop it feeling as empty when you’re finished. And you could post your scores on the forum for bragging rights.

Hope someone makes it work!!!

These are actually great ideas! Should there really be a Rock Legend 2 I hope it will be implemented.

Adding it to the current version of Rock Legend 1 is very difficult. I think with my limited knowledge and possibilities it is unfortunately impossible.