[Requests] What we need for a forum league!

I wanna set up a forum league. Maybe something weekly, and we’ll see who can build the ultimate fleet to take on all comers.

I figure what we’ll need are:

1 - A ‘league fleet’ option, to upload a fleet to the challenge server that we can use against other fleets, and track some stats for it. This way we can be sure that a fleet entered into the league doesn’t recieve any ‘sneaky tweaks’!

2 - To have the vanishing ship bug dealt with, since it’s kinda making some challenges screwy.

3 - More detailed battle report, including who was doing the fighting and with which fleet, so people can take screenshots as proof for the forum league.

— Any additional stuff you guys can think of?

Barring a complex server change, I think we could get away with more detailled battle results and some kind of hash checksum on the fleet file being used, and having that displayed in the battle results - that way we know a given set of results are for a given fleet with given ship setups.

Are the fleets saved in a seperate file? We could, for now, have one trusted member to run all the matches (maybe record them on video for people to see?) If we could send the fleet/ship files to other people. Then the GM would just go to the respective challenge screen as do the appropriate challange. (3/5 to win?) Do some sort of March madness type set up.

That could definitely work, but I have to admit, running all the matches would take ages. I’d much rather have other people run their own matches and get the results with some very mild ‘trust checking’, mainly so people don’t switch their fleets around through ignorance or something. And I know there’s seperate deployment order files on my PC…

We also have to prevent people from doing the match 1000 times and taking the best 3

That’s true - but the number of attempts a challenge has undergone is recorded. Hopefully in the post-battle stats there should be a ‘number of times this has been attempted’.