Res of Map Loading Screen, Unit Design, etc...

There are many parts of your game that are absolutely beautifully detailed and well done. Resolution on some screens and portions of other screens hardly looks done at all, though.

The map splash or loading screen in the battle area that shows a screen when the map is loading is cut off. I have a normal laptop and have tried resolutions from 800x600 low end to 1368x768 which is my high end. Not as high as some people have, but none of the resolutions change either the cut off loading screen in the battle area, or the overlap of modules on top of the unit model in the unit design area.

What should be happening of course is that the loading screen is perfectly readable. And the unit design screen, for sake of clarity and to look as polished as GSB needs to have the modules in an area “outside” the unit picture, not necessarily embedded as GSB was, but certainly not on top of the unit picture. There is plenty of screen real estate beyond the borders of the design screen that show the GTB back wallpaper, so there is room to change it.

Of course none of this may be easy, but cut off splash pages that can’t be read because they don’t scale properly, or unit designs on top of unit pictures is just not polished. Of course you can’t do everything at once, it all takes time. But beta is where these things are thrashed out and fixed, so when 1.0 hits, it is nice and polished. :slight_smile:


au contraire. Set your screen res to 1024 768 which is the games minimum res, then launch the design screen. Lots of compromises are mad and things are arranged differently, and even then, there isn’t a spare pixel :frowning:
These issues are things I’d like to improve, but supporting 1024x768 right up to 2048x1600 is no easy task!