Rescue Newland

For those of you who want a real challenge, I have created a new mission called Newland - basically the idea is that the former Government fell, leaving the country in a state of anarchy. You come to power with no laws in force at all (apart from the very minimum). You must try to solve the many problems that the state of anarchy has created, but do so on a minimum budget as the economy has imploded.

I’ve had a few goes at this and I generally reach the debt ceiling every time, although I have managed to get to well over 50% support. The global economy going into recession was the cruel blow that destroyed my hopes last time.

I’d be interested to see whether anyone can actually manage to get re-elected. Download it from

There are three files - the mission file (Newland.txt) needs to be put in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\missions, and the two flags (the bitmaps) need to go in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\bitmaps\flags. Change the root if appropriate.

I’ll have a go :open_mouth:

Good idea, some people like a challenge :smiley:

I’ve updated this mission so that it now has flags in the format required by version 1.03. To ensure that the flags display correctly in the new version, please redownload the mission.

By the way, how do I change things about the nation/mission via the text-file? Like the description for example, because when I edit it is comes up saying “Cannot Create file location/name Make sure that the path and file name are correct” when I try to save the updated text-file…whats going on? :cry:

Are you using Vista? I had a similar problem when I tried to edit a text file using Vista. I copied it to the desktop and edited it there, saved it then copied and pasted it back into the correct folder.

Yes I am useing Vista, what do you mean by copied to the desktop Tomphil?

Copy and paste the file. Find the file you want to modify, right click, copy. Minimise everything so that all you can see is your desktop. Right click somewhere on your desktop, paste. Edit the file, save it. Now repeat the process in reverse - right click on the file, copy. Go to the missions folder in Democracy 2, right click, paste, “do you want to overwrite?”, yes.

I’m no expert on Vista - I try to avoid using it if I can because of problems like this, but that’s a workaround that worked for me.

Oh I get you, thanks :slight_smile: